• 人生最难忘的一年 美利坚海瑞中学新生年
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          My life for the first year in American Heritage School is a whole new life experience on my path of growing up and learning new things. It encouraged me to have the confidence to overcome various kinds of difficulties I had never imagined before, and pushed me to see “another myself”. (翻译:我在海瑞中学第一年是我成长和学习新知的全新的一年。这一年的历练让我开始树立了自信,克服了我之前从未想到过的困难,也让我看到了另一个自己。)


          Recalling from that midnight when my flight arrived in the airport of FL, for the first time I began to feel all kinds of uncertainty about this strange new world. After coming out of the airport accompanied by the car agent, the only thing I could see in the darkness was those traffic lights, which were different from the ones I was familiar with in my city. (翻译:回想当我初到FL机场的那个晚上,我开始对这个陌生的环境感到这种不适应。在出租车司机陪我出来机场后,在黑暗中我唯一看到就是那些红绿灯,他们跟我们国内的十分不同。)


          For the first time, I realized how the life would be without my parents around for months. I had to face everything by my own, including for those moments when I felt the loneliness was eating at my heart. Luckily, my host family helped me a lot to resolve many problems and they tried to get me away from homesick. Frankly speaking, I was quite a shy girl before this long journey to US. However, after struggling with myself for numerous times in order to adapt to the new environment, I gradually became confident. (翻译:第一次,我意识到我真的要开始独自生活数月。没有爸爸妈妈在身边,我必须要自己面对各种可能的困难,包括承受蚕食人心的寂寞。幸运的是,我的寄宿家庭帮助我解决很多问题,而且他们也尽量使我不要思乡。坦白的说,在来到美国之前,我是一个很腼腆的女生,但是,在为了很好适应新的环境而不断自我挑战和努力的过程中,慢慢的我变得自信起来。)


          Now I know better about how to communicate with my teachers as well as the strangers throughout the society. Everything I experienced everyday made it clear for me that I had to improve my skills of dealing with “all my things” by my own. But for sure, my parents, agent, teachers, host families and even the strangers were eligible to assist me in different kinds of aspects, on the premise that I try my best to tell them about my need or requirement whenever I felt helpless. (翻译:现在我已经可以较好的与我的老师及生活中遇到的其他人沟通。每天我所经历的事情都使我更清楚的意识到,我必须提高我自己处理事情的技巧和能力。但是,毋庸置疑的是,在我觉得无助的时候,我会尽量让别人知道我的需求或要求,而此时我的爸爸妈妈,我的监护人,我的老师,我的寄宿家庭,甚至是一些陌生人,都会在很多方面给予我各种帮助。)


          For one of the most significant thing I went to US, and to American Heritage, is to pursue a high-quality education. There’s no doubt that American education system is totally different from in China. It pays more attention on students’ personal development. Arranging different schedules for every student is just a good instance of it. It offers us freedom to choose the courses we want, on the base that ensuring us to take the demanding courses. Every student would be provided courses in academe, arts, athletics, and other fields such as leadership. This made me and my friends all well-prepared for the colleges. (翻译:我去美国,去美利坚海瑞中学最重要的目的之一是为了追求高质量的教育。毫无疑问,美国的教育体系与中国完全不同。它更注重学生个人的发展,针对每个学生安排不同的课程是对此最好的一个例子。这样的体系给予我们学生自由,去选择我们想学的课程,并在此基础上,确保我们可以承受更高的课程要求。学校会提供给每个学生在研究、艺术、体育和像领导力等其他方面的很多课程选择。)


          In Heritage, I was required to take language programs in order to be prepared for attending regular English courses. The language courses were pretty easy for everyone, and I did a great job. Besides, I took some more serious courses such as Mathematics. It is worthwhile to note that Maths in American education system is not as easy as what people usually claim in China. For instance, I took Pre Cal Honor for my freshman year, which includes the contents of a little bit in the Maths textbooks of the same grade in Shanghai, as well as some knowledge points of 10th grade. Other than that, I also took painting and tennis as selected courses. It has been a great fortune that I met a wonderful painting teacher, helping me make some little achievement in painting field. Here in American Heritage, I was able to get a unique education on Fine Art, depending on my level and painting style, which was definitely not the case when I was in China…



          There are so many things I want to talk about for my first-year experience in American Heritage School, the most memorable year in my whole life until now. I really appreciate myself making the right choice of getting further education in US, and thanks to everyone and every place I’ve met and been to during this year, no matter he, she, or it brought me laugh or tear. (翻译:初来乍到,关于在美利坚海瑞中学第一年的点滴,我有太多想说的事情了,这也是我人生至此最深刻难忘的一年。我真的为我做出来美国接受教育这件事情而肯定自己。同时,也非常感恩在这一年里,我遇见的每一个人,到过的每一个地方,不过俺他/她/它带给我的是欢笑还是泪水。)




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