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      Alright, it’s in the middle of the winter quarter so far: Week seven. Getting used to the American way? Sure, on my way pursuing. 
      Bothell is a small city in the great Seattle Area which is about 15miles to the downtown Seattle, quite, beautiful and really a good place for the mates who wanna focus on their studying work. Cascadia community college which is the junior college I am studying now shares campus with university of Washington, Bothell and I do believe that is one of the vital reasons of his AMAZING ranking in the U.S community college systems. CCC ranks in 2nd according to the Washington weekly. Small campus provides the both elegant facilities and quantity of learning opportunities for the students. The average course capacity is 24 students, which means you have plenty spacious room to make the full effect of your studying.
        波塞尔市是大西雅图地区一座宁静和美丽的小城市,离西雅图市区大约15英里,是个非常适合潜心学习的地方。我现在就读的卡斯卡迪亚社区大学与华盛顿大学Bothell校区共用校园,我相信这也是它能被《华盛顿周刊》评为“全美最好的社区大学”第二名的重要原因之一吧。 精致的校园环境为学生提供了一流的教学设备和丰富的学习机会,而24人的小班化教学更意味着学生有足够的空间来提高学习效率。
      For the dudes who gonna confront the new life in America, you definitely wanna know some tips. How to live a better life in the States? Right on..Haha...okay..here we go. Just for reference that exactly what I had undergone during the past 6 months.
      1. Don't talk about religious, politics, races. (Unless you are very very I mean VERY close to the people you are talking to)
      2. Wear different clothes EVERY single day. You don't have to buy 365 outfits though but just to make sure you don't wear the same clothes as you did the day before.
      3. Talk, talk, talk. It's the only way to meet new people, and make new friends.
      4. Try to force yourself speak English ALL the time. I was banned from anything Chinese when i got here, and six months after I forgot how to write some Chinese characters. If someone is speaking Chinese to you, reply in English. Yeah, be crazy about it. Fast but a little painful way to adapt to the language. (that’s kinda the way to make new friends. Now I have many friends who are doing running start in my junior college and they are super amazed by my English that many of them thought I am an Asia American. lol) So in this case, no pain no gain. Talk! Talk! Talk!
      5. Tips 10% at diner. Always. Except the Chinese Restaurants. Haha
      6. Always count taxes before you buy something. In Washington state, it’s 9.5%.
      7. In college, if you don't understand something, DO ask instructor for help in private. The more you ask, the more the instructor will like you, the higher grade you might get. (I like to get them right way after the class. Not just talking about the concepts and problems covering in class, you can also share your ideas that either popped out during the class by some hunches or deliberately considered beyond the class with your instructor. They are willing to hear from you and help you with anything they can. I got 4.0 for my SOC introduction class. The reason the grade beyond my expectation, I think, is that I set up a very good connection between instructor and me. DO NOT BE SHY. GO FOR THEM.)
      8. For the Study group, both many CHEM and CAL dudes ask me to join in their study group for working together in order to conquer some sort of problems which may occur during in the work, especially for the labs and the worksheets. Working together with your mates is very important in the daily study. Almost each course has group projects and big presentations twice a quarter. It might be a great challenge to encounter them in the very first time
        积极参加学习小组。我有许多修化学和微积分的同学就邀请我加入到他们的学习小组,这样我们可以一起攻克学习中特别是实验和报告中出现的各种各样的难关。在日常学习中,团队合作是非常重要的。 几乎所有的课程都有团队项目,每学期还有两次大型的成果报告会。一开始你会觉得特别有挑战,可当大家在一起努力时,挑战也变有趣了。
      9. Be aware of the fact that there are a lot of Chinese Americans who don't know any Chinese. So always ask first if they know any Chinese.
      10. For the time change, stay away from coffee to get over with the time difference. Coffee only makes things worse. It takes a while.
      11. Make sure you check the back of the food (ice-cream, chips, cheese, crackers, drinks, etc.) wrapper before you eat it. There's no such a thing in China, but here, every foot item does have a nutrition chart on the back. So watch out for Calories. Usually you have to run for half an hour just to burn 300 calories. Two pieces of cookie contain 170 calories.
      12. You might know this, but Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonalds' taste wayyyyyy different from the ones in Shanghai. Except the pizza from Pizza Hut, KFC and MD taste awful here.
      13. But if you ever want a fast food place, I recommend Panera. (A sandwich place where sells healthy food)
      14. Always say "Excuse me" even if your shirt touched someone's body.
      15. Be a true gentleman.


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